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Suddenly, Jenny Ford

Suddenly, Jenny Ford
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Jenny Ford
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Inspector Lord Pinhorn series, 4
ADVENTURE / THRILLER. "Heavensgate Nursing Home was no ordinary aged care facility. It opened its doors to practically anyone in need, provided they were homeless or special needs senior citizens. Anyone who entered had their lives changed forever - it filled their hearts with joy and love, their minds with hope for the future. Their damaged souls were rescued from despair and infused with mortality." 'Suddenly' circumstances change and just as 'suddenly' they learn to live again.... Inside its stately walls and beautiful majestic gardens, melodies of music echo from the corridor with song and dance. The colourful array of residents get up to all sorts of mischief lead by the cheeky and flirtatious Stan The Man while Flo the sparkling diamond showers them with her magic healing powers. Sheilah goes walkabout and has the time of her life while soul-mates Cecil and Joan remain tirelessly devoted to each other
Suddenly, (adv. done or occuring unexpectedly or abruptly)

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