The Resource Cleared for takeoff! : the ultimate book of flight, by Rowland White

Cleared for takeoff! : the ultimate book of flight, by Rowland White

Cleared for takeoff! : the ultimate book of flight
Cleared for takeoff!
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the ultimate book of flight
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by Rowland White
TRANSPORT (CHILDREN'S / TEENAGE). All of aviation's dangerous, exciting, and most courageous moments are featured within this stunning compendium on flight. Packed with stories of heroic and innovative pioneers, fascinating profiles of remarkable planes from Spitfires to space shuttles, and how-to instructions for making everything from origami helicopters to bottle rockets all accompanied by sensational photographs, illustrations, and diagrams Cleared for Takeoff promises to astonish, entertain, and fire the imaginations of everyone with their head in the clouds. Ages 13+
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Cleared for takeoff! : the ultimate book of flight, by Rowland White
Cleared for takeoff! : the ultimate book of flight, by Rowland White
This compendium of the history of flight for young readers includes fascinating facts and trivia, helpful diagrams, stories of aviation's pioneers, and fascinating profiles of remarkable planes, accompanied by stunning photographs and illustrations. First published in the United States of America in 2016 by Chronicle Books LLC
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  • Dreams of the birdmen: Icarus and his successors -- What goes up: how an airplane flies -- Airplane: the anatomy of an aircraft -- It's all hot air (part one): the story of ballooning -- If at first you don't succeed: strange shapes in the sky (part one) -- Heavier than air: the Wright brothers' first powered flight -- The red Baron: an introduction to Manfred von Richthofen -- Aviation origami: how to make a paper helicopter -- On the wing: barnstormers and flying circuses -- The spin doctors: twelve aerobatic maneuvers -- Across the pond: who was first to fly across the Atlantic? -- Who were you?: insignia of yesterday's Air Forces -- Romeo and Juliett: an introduction to the phonetic alphabet -- War minus the shooting: a history of air racing -- Chicken or beef?: the story of airline food -- Dead heat: the Zeppelin race -- How big?: how the sizes of different aircraft compare -- The wind beneath my wings: the story of gliding -- Great planes: Douglas DC-3 -- Eye in the sky: the story of aerial reconnaissance -- Project cancelled: Republic XF-12 Rainbow -- Animal, vegetable or mineral?: a few things aircraft have been named after -- Corsairville: the rise and fall of the flying boat -- From CDG to LAX via THR: some of the better airport three-letter identifiers -- Great planes: supermarine Spitfire -- "Never, in the field of human conflict...": the Second World War in the air -- Ducks and drakes and bouncing bombs: how skipping stones inspired the dam busters -- Never coming home: RAF losses since 1945 -- Project cancelled: Vickers Valiant B2 Pathfinder -- And then there were four: the disappearance of Britain"s aircraft manufacturers -- Paper plane: the perfect paper dart -- A dirty distant war: eleven significant air battles -- Great planes: North American P-51 Mustang -- Eject! eject! eject!: the unsung hero of the ejection seat -- Project cancelled: Martin-Baker MB5 -- The Bermuda triangle: fact or fiction? -- Aliens among us?:
  • It's all hot air (part two): Felix Baumgartner raises the bar -- Pukin dogs and Jolly Rogers: US navy fighter squadrons -- Flying without wings: the lifting body story -- Great planes: North American X-15 -- Fast, faster, fastest: rise, fall and rise of the rocketplane -- You're a record breaker!: the world air-speed record -- Don't stop me now: some songs about flying -- Great planes: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird -- High as a kite: how high do things fly? -- Of our bombers is missing: the birth of the stealth fighter -- Who wanted Concorde?: how the world nearly turned supersonic -- Aurora: the secret spyplane. or not -- Project cancelled: Northrop YF-23 -- Great planes: Hawker Siddeley Harrier -- The Caspian Sea monster: the rise and fall of the ekranoplan -- Tactically sound: the unrealized dream of the airborne aircraft carrier -- Turbo dog and critter: a few notable airline callsigns -- The runway code: how to park an airliner -- Great planes: Boeing 747 jumbo jet -- Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough: the world's biggest air forces -- The world's favorite airline: who's the biggest? -- Anything, anywhere, anytime: a few airlines you may not have heard of -- "Get off my plane!": the story of Air Force One -- Great planes: Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde -- Wheels with wings: the dream of the flying car -- There once was an ugly duckling: strange shapes in the sky (part two) . -- The Reds: formations of the red arrows -- Is it a bird, is it a plane?: a guide to superhero flight -- The Gimli glider: when an airliner runs out of gas -- The final frontier: how high do spacemen fly? -- Great planes: Rockwell international space shuttle orbiter -- Project cancelled: Buran -- The brilliant bottle rocket: how to make a water rocket -- You'll believe a man can fly: how to levitate. Or look like you can. sort of -- Bird is the word: some avian superlatives -- Word on a wing: a few books about flying -- The rise of the machi
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320 pages
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